About YEA! Philadelphia

YEA! teaches students to become young entrepreneurs by offering them the opportunity to write a business plan, pitch to potential investors, obtain funding, and launch their REAL company or social movement. No business experience is needed – just creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication.

“It’s wonderful to watch and help young people transform their ideas into tangible enterprises.”

Ellen Fisher - Executive Director

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YEA! Helps Students Prepare Themselves for Great Things

YEA! Philadelphia helps middle school and high school students take their entrepreneurial skills to a new level in a year-long academic program that gives students project-based, hands-on, experiential education. Below are some highlights of the program.


100% of YEA! Philadelphia students graduate from high school on time and go to college


49% of YEA! students are first generation Americans


57% of YEA! students are under-represented minorities


25% of YEA! students were eligible or received scholarships based on financial needs


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What Philadelphia YEA! Graduates & Parents Say About the YEA! Program

Aryan Rana

CEO, Market Works Finance, YEA! National Champion

“YEA! helped open my mind to a variety of ways to achieve success and supported me on my path.”

Michelle Lu

CEO, iChina, Technology Investment Banking Analyst, UC Berkeley Graduate

“YEA! gave me much more than just the capital to start my business. They nurtured, supported and encouraged me every step of the way. They were there to catch me when I fell, encouraged me when I was down and certainly celebrated my success with me. They also helped me connect with the larger business community and build a stronger network.”

Anna Welsh

CEO, Littlebags by Anna

“YEA! not only helped me manage my time and money much better it inspired me to push my boundaries. My entrepreneurial journey has taken me places I never thought possible.”

Chris Muth

CEO, Rex Riccardi & Career Caddy and YEA! National Champion

“Many of us young entrepreneurs have a dream to start businesses, but we aren’t really sure where to start. YEA! helps make those dreams a reality, by teaching you how to become a true young entrepreneur.”

Shreyas Parab

CEO, NovelTie and YEA! Regional Finalist

“Today, I can give an elevator pitch, answer questions from judges about business plans, communicate effectively, and network beyond belief. These are all things I learned solely from YEA! I can confidently say that before YEA! I would not be able to do such things.”

Matt Mignucci

CEO, Breeze Bands, Wake Forest University

“YEA! was such a great experience and opportunity for me where I learned the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, and was also able to meet a handful of great people that I still connect with today! I look forward to using my experience and knowledge of the program to inspire and educate more young entrepreneurs, like myself, in their entrepreneurial journeys!”

Samantha Dichter

CEO, Stones of Support, University of Delaware, Entrepreneurship Major

“This program broadened my perception of business and entrepreneurship. I am so grateful to YEA! for helping me get over my fear of failing.”

Niaka Porte

CEO, Sasasmix Baking Company, Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University

“I love this program so much and recommend this to young people who are interested in building a business or have a cool idea.”

YEA! Parent

“I know this is just the beginning of her journey and she has more challenges to face, but seeing her mature and build character through this program will help her succeed in the future with strength. What an experience! Should also be named Youth Experience Academy.

YEA! Parent

“It was wonderful to see the amount of self-confidence our son gained throughout the year. I never could have imagined him talking to a room full of strangers a year ago."

YEA! Parent

“Every student in the class has an entrepreneurial mindset that thrives in this creative nurturing environment.”

YEA! Parent

“My daughter is so passionate and dedicated to YEA! It really opened her eyes into everything that is involved in starting your own business. I think it's the first time she saw the value in working as a team rather than on her own. Thank you for bringing this high caliber program to our area. “

Middle School Teacher, Garnet Valley

“The parents of the five children I have referred to YEA! are all blown away by the program and everything their children have learned. I actually get thank you notes for making them aware of this life-changing program.”

YEA! Parent

“Thank you so much for all your guidance. It has been an exciting and challenging adventure for our daughter. A rocky road in the middle which brought out a lot of emotion but with all YEA! support she was able to persevere. It was wonderful to see her confidence yesterday. I know this is just the beginning of her journey, but seeing her mature and build character through this program will help her succeed in the future with strength. What an experience! Should also be named Youth Experience Academy! Kudos to you and all the YEA staff!”

We have partnered with The Foundation for Delaware County as our fiscal sponsor. The Foundation for Delaware County is a community foundation and 501(c)(3) organization. The foundation’s fiscal sponsorship provides YEA! administrative services, oversight, financial responsibility for the activities of YEA!, and makes your donation tax-deductible.