Start as a Student. Graduate as a CEO.

Students launch their own, real businesses in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. The fun, hands-on program meets weekly after school and helps go-getters in grades 6–12 identify their passions, transform their ideas into fully formed businesses or social movements, and develop lifelong leadership skills.

We encourage you to nominate creative, motivated students who pursue their goals with tenacity. Nominated students should have a strong work ethic and demonstrate high levels of effort on a consistent basis. Please nominate students who have an interest in business and/or starting their own companies or social movements. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available. Please be aware that the nomination of a student does not guarantee a scholarship.

Nominated students will receive additional information about the Young Entrepreneurs Academy and a personal invitation to the YEA! Informational Sessions. However, we encourage you to share information about the program with any students. All are welcome to apply and attend the Informational Sessions.

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